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What Are Club Drugs? Effects, Types, List of Street Names

Our experienced and compassionate team is here to help those who are struggling with addiction to party drugs find the support and resources they need to begin the journey to recovery. We believe that recovery is possible, no matter how hopeless a situation may seem. That’s why we offer a range of evidence-based treatment programs designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We certainly hope you never have to search for drug rehab for teens or young adults. Asheville Recovery Center understands the devastating effects that party drug abuse can have on an individual and their loved ones.

  • Quaaludes were described as [the] “…other quintessential 1970s club drug”, which suspends motor coordination.”[39]) According to Peter Braunstein, “massive quantities of drugs were ingested in discothèques.”
  • This is why emotional and cognitive problems often persist long after an addicted person stops taking meth.

You may come across people offering or using “party drugs” when you are at a party, festival or concert. In this article, you’ll learn what substances are considered club drugs, who uses them, where they come from, and how to get treatment for an addiction to club drugs. Nitrous oxide users also buy small “whippet” canisters of nitrous oxide intended for use in restaurant whipped cream dispensers and then “crack” open these canisters to inhale the gas. Users typically transfer the gas to a plastic bag or balloon prior to inhaling it.

What Are Other Stimulants Used Recreationally?

If substance abuse has devolved into addiction, often the best way to combat it is with an individualized rehab program. Fortunately, your family has a number of substance abuse treatment options to choose from, and your family doctor can help you decide which will work best. In some cases of addiction, treatment at a residential facility is necessary. Only a professional can determine the most beneficial option for your child.

  • Research shows that substance use has increased overall due to the stress and collective trauma that this generation is experiencing.
  • Although the previously mentioned drugs are generally categorized as club drugs by the media and the United States government, this distinction probably does not have an accurate correlation to real usage patterns.
  • Longer-term residential treatment, often called rehab, of three to five months that addresses peer relationships, educational problems, and family issues are often used in treating drug use in teens.

You may feel a little more at ease knowing at least some party drugs don’t have the intensity of stimulant drugs. Unfortunately, both professional scientists and amateur scientists have discovered ways to produce the same psychoactive effects but with much more severe consequences. In this ultimate club drugs comparison guide, we examine more closely each of the party drugs by type and compare the following characteristics. At Newport Institute, we treat maladaptive behaviors, such as substance abuse, as symptoms of underlying mental health conditions, including trauma, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, our approach to treating these co-occurring disorders involves healing the root causes of the problem, not just the outward manifestations.

Young Adult Drug Treatment at Newport Institute

They can affect you very quickly, and you might not know that something is wrong. It depends on how much of the drug is in your body and if the drug is mixed with other drugs or alcohol. Alcohol can make the effects of drugs even stronger and can cause serious health problems – even death. They act on the central nervous system and can cause changes in mood, awareness, and behavior. These drugs are most often used by young adults at bars, concerts, nightclubs, and parties. Club drugs, like most drugs, have nicknames that change over time or are different in different areas of the country.

Popular Party Drugs

Be sure to skim the list of street names for psychoactive drugs to make sure you keep your ears perked for some of the psychoactive drug lingo. To get specific information based on a pill, powder, liquid, plant material, or otherwise unknown substance, or to familiarize yourself with club drugs, use the DEA’s drug identifier. Additionally, the illegal nature of many party drugs means that their purity and composition can be highly unpredictable, putting users at even greater risk. It is important to understand the dangers of party drugs and to make informed choices about drug use. Alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, volatile substances, illegal drugs, legal medications, drug rehabilitation and alcohol mandatory treatment. The reason that MDMA is such a common club drug is due to the fact that it’s so effective in enhancing the party experience.


Amazingly, ketamine works within hours and its effects are maintained for at least one week. Most strikingly, ketamine is effective in those patients who are resistant to ordinary antidepressants, and they make up around 30 to 50 per cent of the depressed population. Don’t advertise a party via SMS or the internet to limit the risk of gate-crashers and violent situations. Learn more here about the development and quality assurance of healthdirect content.

Popular Party Drugs