Author: Gary Jackson

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

If you’d like to try to make some AF drinks yourself, here’s a list of recipes that we’ve created for you. Instead of restricting yourself to water whenever you enter a bar, it’ll be much better to order a drink you’d actually enjoy. This is a great way of forbidding yourself to drink, especially if your friends want to get lifts home. Instead of having an ambitious target, it is much better to take this journey step by step so you can digest and be able to mentally prepare for it.

There is a bit of a gender difference in the kind of communities that young people might be accessing, which we can certainly talk about. But in terms of levels of drinking, or the decline, I think that’s holding stable across genders, socioeconomic class. Again, changes across the board, but differences perhaps in how people are accessing support, communities.

The effects of excessive drinking, including binge drinking, on your body.

They have all these substitutes that replicate, and there are substitutes. You can make a fake negroni, you can make a fake gin and tonic, and they have that complexity. There’s really, you can find fake Negroni’s that are bottled that are absolutely fantastic. People are just, I think, some people are wondering what they’re paying for if they’re not paying for the alcoholic component.

alcohol free lifestyle

Quitting alcohol has a number of important mental health benefits. In addition to improving your mental well-being, it may lower your risk for some mental illness and contribute to better sleep. In this article, we’ll talk about the health risks that come with drinking and the benefits of quitting alcohol.

Maintaining a Healthier Diet and Weight

There are a number of different ways you can start implementing this tactic. You could paste the reason as a post-it around your house and workplace. You could implement this as a reminder on your phone; or include this in your morning routine and gratitude practices. Another way this could be implemented is for you to direct your focus on what you’re getting out of your social gatherings – which you may not need the help of alcohol to do. There are countless benefits here – including better long-term health, looks, self-esteem, new friends, new hobbies … and much more. This is the best time to try, and you may even find yourself in a great positive spiral.

alcohol free lifestyle

Now the hard part for her wasn’t giving up the alcohol. Binge drinking can also lead to poor decision-making and regret. It can result in a range of physical and social consequences including violence, sexually transmitted infections or HIV, and sexual risk behaviors. If you want to socialise, go out with your friends for either breakfast or brunch.

Support Group: Knowing and loving your authentic self

I credit my sobriety for my ability to start my own business, and it was the best career decision of my life. The health benefits of drinking less are countless. When I was drinking, I was waking up hungover almost everyday. My first question of the day was “how bad do I feel? ” Now, I wake up feeling like my happy, healthy self. It took me decades of questioning my relationship to alcohol before giving it up completely.

  • Now, I stick to an alcohol-free nighttime routine and wake up fully rested.
  • So I think alongside that we will continue to see a decline or at least a stabilizing in the number of young people who don’t want to consume alcohol.
  • So they’re not necessarily the most accessible products to all consumers.
  • So yeah, I think a word of caution and a word of celebration together there, perhaps.

Skip the Monday blues and give a big hello to Primary Therapist at Lantana, Chip Eggleton, on this #MeetTheTeam Monday. Chip was inspired to pursue a substance use disorder treatment career after his experience with the recovery community. This typically occurs after five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women. He says, however, if you drink every day, you should consult with a health professional before quitting cold turkey.

How to Stay Alcohol-Free In Daily Life:

In addition to the health benefits listed below, research has found that those who give up alcohol for a month — whether it be Dry January, Lent or any other month — tend to drink less alcohol long-term. Alcohol is known to weaken your overall immune system. My body was spending all its time trying to rid itself of alcohol that there was little left over to fight other infections, bugs, colds, flu, and more.

  • It’s how we pick ourselves up and keep on going that matters the most.
  • And I think as we heard in one of the clips, this idea that actually zero proof drinks aren’t going away.
  • As one drinks more over time, these disturbances get worse and become more difficult to reverse.
  • The company you keep and whether other people drink alcohol around you will also affect your drinking habits.