Author: Gary Jackson

Reasons to Attend AA Meetings and How Often to Go

More likely, it will be an open meeting, where members can talk about anything recovery-related that’s on their mind. Sometimes, you just need a forum to talk out the issues that are diving you back towards your addiction. By expressing your feelings in a meeting, you are doing so in an environment that is safe from judgment. If you are new to the 12 Step concept, you should strongly consider going to as many meetings a week as you can. When you make it a habit to care about yourself, you actually start caring about yourself.

how often are aa meetings

People can feel resistant to going to meetings at first but over time they will start to appreciate the benefits of having group support. They can start to work toward their sobriety goals and structure their day around the meetings to keep them motivated. If you are a recovering alcoholic or someone who is considering attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings for the first time, then you likely have questions about what to expect. One of the most common questions is about meeting length, such as “how long are AA meetings? ” The answer varies depending on several factors and can range from a short 30-minute meeting to an extended 2-hour session. Let’s take a look at answering “how long are AA meetings” and their typical lengths so that you can better plan your schedule.

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Most of the time, the meetings are held in places connected to churches or community centers. You’ll likely arrive as a small crowd is gathering, with members chatting, making coffee, or sitting quietly. There are also many online AA meetings that you can conveniently attend from the comfort of your own home. In larger cities throughout the U.S., there are meetings available every day, many times multiple meetings.

The only requirement to join is the desire to stop using alcohol. Your higher power is the acknowledgment of a force greater than yourself that will support you on the road to recovery. If you repeatedly drink more than you intend or want to, you may be an alcoholic. We are not anti-alcohol and we have no wish to reform the world.

How Long Are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings?

The only requirement is that you have a desire to stop drinking alcohol. AA welcomes people from all different religious backgrounds and spiritual beliefs, including people who identify as atheists or agnostics. Alcoholics Anonymous is a recovery program for people struggling with alcohol misuse, which is based on the 12-Step approach and peer support to help people recover.

  • Everyone in the room has been through many of the same things and it can be a very grounding and healing experience to listen and talk about some of your painful secrets.
  • Embracing sobriety can lead to profound positive transformations, both physically and mentally.
  • How you leverage this important resource is entirely up to you.

This can include sharing experiences or discussing helpful strategies for staying sober. After this, some groups will do an activity like reading aloud from a book or doing an exercise related to sobriety. Toward the end of the meeting, participants may share any further thoughts or reflections that come up for them during the session.

How Do You Join AA?

With so many types and lengths of meetings available, it’s easy to find one that fits into your schedule. Most traditional AA meetings last between one and two hours, while specialty topics may run shorter or longer depending on what’s being discussed at each session. No matter which type you choose, engaging with the fellowship of like-minded people can help remind you why sobriety is so important for yourself and those around you. Many meetings will start with an introduction, during which participants will introduce themselves and explain why they are there. Then, the group may discuss issues related to addiction and sobriety.

how often are aa meetings