Author: Gary Jackson

Phencyclidine Intoxication andAdverse Effects: A Clinical and PharmacologicalReview of an Illicit Drug PMC

Addiction and related mental health problems make it hard to function socially, financially, and professionally. The psychiatric effects vary widely, but it is considered dangerous, and its use has been linked to violent and aggressive actions, psychosis, and a risk of accidental death. Many believe PCP to be one of the most dangerous drugs of abuse. A moderate amount of PCP often causes users to feel detached, distant, and estranged from their surroundings. Phencyclidine (PCP) is a mind-altering drug that may lead to hallucinations (a profound distortion in a person’s perception of reality).

Leafy plants such as mint, parsley or marijuana are often sprayed with the chemical, or a rolled joint is dipped into a PCP solution and then smoked. PCP appeared on the market in the 1950s as an anesthetic and tranquilizer known as Sernyl. It was discontinued in 1967 and limited to veterinary use only.

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It has hallucinogenic properties, however—meaning it is known to produce visual and auditory distortions, as well as perceptual changes. PCP’s dissociative effects can result in an individual feeling detached from themselves or the world around them. While under the influence of PCP, someone might feel temporarily divorced from reality, or as if their body is not their own. The short-term effects of PCP vary depending on the particular dose taken, as well as the route of administration used.

Though it’s no longer approved for use in humans, it’s still sometimes used as a tranquilizer for animals. If you ingest it orally, the effects take longer to kick in — usually 30 to 60 minutes. With excessive use over an extended period of time, the negative effects of PCP become more troublesome, and they may persist for periods even when the drug isn’t actively being taken.


Phencyclidine can be ingested as a tablet or capsule, or snorted as a powder. Smoking or injecting the drug causes a more rapid onset of effects. As production is unregulated, it is difficult to know the exact dose being taken.

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