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She was very successful initially, but her career quickly declined, in part due to her drinking. Actor and comedian Verne Troyer, well known for playing Mini-Me in the ‘Austin Powers’ film series, died at the age of 49 in 2018. He announced that he had been diagnosed with throat cancer in 2011, and in 2012, he ultimately died of acute myeloid leukemia. Welsh poet Dylan Thomas died of alcoholism on November 9th, 1953, at the age of 39. Lead vocalist of the Irish band The Cranberries died on January 15th, 2018, from drowning due to alcohol intoxication. His actual death was sudden, but his health had been declining for many years due to alcoholism.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

In 2019, after the end of the series, he checked himself into a wellness retreat to work on his mental health. Harington revealed that just like many actors who are alcoholics, he was struggling to cope with the stress of ending a show that made his career and the pressure that came with it. Unfortunately, there are many celebrities who ultimately succumbed to their drinking problem. Click through this gallery to see which stars sadly died as a result of alcohol abuse. Hemingway’s addiction led to strained relationships with family and friends, as well as physical and mental health problems.

Stephen King

Hemingway was an American writer and journalist known for his spare, minimalist prose and his adventurous lifestyle. What is not so widely known about the legendary Hemingway is that he is one of the many famous people who had bipolar disorder, paranoid delusions, and alcoholism. In the 1970s, alcoholism was still seen as a taboo topic, particularly for women, but Betty Ford’s openness about her struggles helped to break down the stigma surrounding addiction and encouraged others to seek help. Four years after her rehabilitation, she co-founded the Betty Ford Center, a treatment facility for substance abuse which is operational to this day. The former First Lady of the United States became well-known for her public battle with alcoholism and addiction, which she openly discussed.

  • Daniel Radcliffe, best known for his role as Harry Potter, is yet another one of the many celebrities who are recovering alcoholics.
  • But she is also among famous people with mental illness and has spoken quite a lot about her struggles with anorexia, which she developed in her early twenties.
  • Blair shared that she had been struggling with alcohol addiction for years, sought help, and entered rehab in 2016, where she received treatment and began her journey to sobriety.
  • From writers and actors to politicians and artists, these famous alcoholics have not only made their mark on the world but have also shed light on the complex nature of addiction.

Despite attempts at sobriety, Hemingway continued to struggle with alcoholism throughout his career, and his addiction is thought to have contributed to his eventual suicide in 1961. Affleck has credited therapy, medication, and the support of his family with helping him overcome his addiction. Butler has shared that his addiction started in his early 20s and continued into his 30s. He has spoken about how it affected his personal and professional life, and how it made him unreliable and difficult to work with. In 2012, Butler checked himself into rehab to address his addiction and has been sober ever since.

Ernest Hemingway

Over the years, many celebrities have struggled with addiction to drugs or alcohol, leading to public displays of erratic behavior, legal trouble, and negative media attention. However, some celebrities have also been able to successfully overcome their addiction and achieve long-term recovery. The American actor, writer, and director, has been open about his struggles with alcoholism and shared on his Facebook page that he is among the many celebrity alcoholics in recovery. He shared that he first entered rehab in 2001 and has since sought treatment multiple times. The stories of famous alcoholics we’ve outlined in this article demonstrate the impact that addiction can have on individuals, regardless of their fame, success, or social status.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

When it comes to famous alcoholics in history, the story of the American astronaut Buzz Aldrin who was the second person to walk on the moon is one worth sharing. After being part of such a monumental moment, Aldrin’s life deteriorated, and he caved into depression and alcoholism. From writers and actors to politicians and artists, these famous alcoholics have not only made their mark on the world but have also shed light on the complex nature of addiction. Barbara Payton was once an aspiring actress whose promise was blighted by her problems with alcoholism and drug addiction. In 2017, he died of liver and kidney failure as a result of years of alcohol abuse. Cassidy went on to have a successful career as a musician but his life was troubled behind the scenes.

Famous Recovering Alcoholics

In 2012, singer Lana Del Ray admitted that she had started drinking at the age of 14 and that it was the reason why she was sent to boarding school. Eventually, Del Ray checked into rehab at the age of 18 and has been sober ever since. Fisher’s experiences with addiction inspired her to write several memoirs, including Postcards from the Edge, which was later adapted into a film. In doing so, Fisher became one of the first alcoholics in Hollywood to speak openly about addiction and mental health issues, paving the way for others to do the same.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

Scottish actor famous for his role in 300 and rom-com PS I Love You is not only among the celebrities who are lawyers but also one of the celebrities who were alcoholics and are struggling to stay sober one day at a time. When it comes to famous people in AA, actor and filmmaker Bradley Cooper has been most generous in crediting the support of Anonymous Alcoholics, family, and friends in maintaining his sobriety. Radcliffe has been open about his use of alcohol as a coping mechanism and has said that he would often show up to work on the set of the films still under the influence.