Author: Gary Jackson

Can You Smoke Shrooms? Read This Before You Do

Fortunately, several preparation methods can help mask the flavor and get the consumption part of the experience over and done with as quickly as possible. Mushrooms don’t tend to burn well, so you’d need to add tobacco to smoke them efficiently. Tobacco smoke contains over 9,500 different chemicals — over 250 are harmful, and at least 79 are recognized carcinogens (substances that cause cancer). While you’re unlikely to have much of a trip from smoking shrooms, it’s still a possibility to be prepared for.

As interest in the compound grows, it’s only natural to wonder whether we’re missing out on something by only taking them in one way (well, one way with several variations). The best way to take shrooms is to eat them, allowing the psilocybin to enter the body via the digestive process. You can munch them straight up, with the average recreational dose being somewhere between one and two grams (although some people take more or less). Since the flavor and dry texture may not be appealing to all, there are options.

Physical side effects

It’s also common for users to combine substances to smoke, such as weed and shrooms, which can increase the likelihood of a bad trip and other negative side effects. While smoking mushrooms isn’t considered as dangerous as smoking heroin or methamphetamine, using mushrooms, in general, comes with its risks. In addition to terrifying hallucinations, anxiety, and paranoia, these symptoms can also contribute to impaired judgment and an increased likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors. It’s also common for people to use other substances while taking shrooms, such as consuming alcohol, which can lead to unpredictable side effects. Aside from the reduced potency you’ll likely experience when combusting your psilocybin mushrooms and inhaling the vapor, the below dangers present severe health risks. In comparison, consuming magic mushrooms by eating them or drinking a tea made from dried mushrooms is considered to be safe when done responsibly and under the guidance of a trusted source.

  • They’re commonly consumed orally along with food to mask the taste, as most people don’t enjoy them on their own or can’t stomach the flavor.
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  • Whether you inhale smoke from burning tobacco, cannabis, herbal blends, or magic mushrooms, you run the risk of developing respiratory diseases.
  • Despite the fact that magic mushrooms are traditionally consumed orally, there’s a growing interest in smoking them as a method of consumption.
  • Others make a mushroom tea by steeping ground mushrooms in hot — but not boiling — water along with a teabag and some flavoring, like lemon juice or honey, to cover the taste.

More studies are needed to determine if magic mushrooms can definitively serve as an effective form of treatment. The federal government consider psilocybin a Schedule 1 substance, similar to drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine. This means the compound is considered highly abusable, has no medical use, and lacks accepted safety measures for use under supervision.

Can You Smoke Shrooms? Read This Before You Do

However, mushroom tea often hides the undesirable shroom flavor, and it’s a familiar and discreet way to take psilocybin. Since smoking shrooms should be out of the question, the safest way to consume psilocybin is to eat the dried mushrooms. Most people who attempt to smoke magic mushrooms note that there is little to no psychedelic effect, even when similar quantities of mushrooms are burned and inhaled.

  • However, mushroom tea often hides the undesirable shroom flavor, and it’s a familiar and discreet way to take psilocybin.
  • Researchers note that about 66% of the compounds from shrooms get excreted in the first 3 hours after ingestion.
  • A more intense trip may disconnect a person from reality or make it difficult for them to understand what is real and what is a hallucination.
  • A person suffering from a bad trip does not necessarily need to go to the hospital.
  • This indicates that by following certain guidelines for who should take mushrooms and how they take them, we can significantly reduce the incidence of bad trips.
  • In conclusion, smoking magic mushrooms is not a recommended method of consumption due to the fact that shrooms cannot be smoked effectively and can potentially lead to negative side effects.
  • If you have a mold allergy, preexisting lung condition, or a weakened immune system, inhaling certain mold species can have serious health consequences.

Shrooms typically kick in within 30 minutes to an hour with the trip lasting up to eight hours or so. Making magic mushroom tea is easy, but if you don’t know about a few key elements, you could ruin the potency of your precious shrooms. The shrooms mustn’t be left at too high a temperature for too long — this can destroy the psilocybin and psilocin, reducing the potency of the resulting brew.

What Happens if You Smoke Shrooms?

It’s possible to develop a tolerance to mushrooms after using them every day for as few as 3 or 4 days. This means you’d need to ingest more mushrooms to experience the same high. If you use mushrooms continuously, tolerance is likely to occur, which can lead to mental dependence or the need to use the drug to feel normal. Even mushroom tea that’s too hot can destroy much of the active constituents of the mushrooms. This article will explain the risks of smoking shrooms and why you should avoid this delivery method. Magic mushrooms — especially Psilocybe cubensis — are pretty unpleasant-tasting.

what happens when you smoke shrooms

You might continue to use drugs even if it affects your performance at school, or you may be tempted to try harder drugs when substances like shrooms don’t cut it anymore. Some users report a more mild and more balanced psychedelic effect, but the consensus is that smoking shrooms is a good way to waste them and experience almost nothing in the way of a trip. Since many other drugs — including other psychedelics — can be smoked, some shroom users wonder if their favorite psychedelic can be inhaled too. The easiest way to consume magic mushrooms is to eat them whole, either fresh or dried.