Author: Gary Jackson

Can You Overdose on Kratom?

These reactions include seizures, tremors, psychosis, and other serious toxic effects. Generally, there are three phases for treating every drug addiction or substance use disorder. Several cases of deaths linked to Kratom use have been reported, even though some involved other substances used alongside Kratom. Even though it has a lower risk of misuse than normal opioids,1 Kratom misuse is still common.

  • A healthcare professional can prescribe medication or suggest safer alternatives.
  • So now that we know that fatal overdosing on kratom is possible (but rare) let’s go over some of the symptoms you might experience if you were to take too high of a dose.
  • Anyone thinking of trying kratom should be aware of the risks and speak with a doctor first.
  • While some people use kratom as an alternative to prescription pain medications, such as opioids, very little research has investigated how it affects the body.
  • At low doses, kratom acts as a stimulant, making users feel more energetic.

By the time your body realizes you’ve taken too much, it’s too late. One study conducted on rodents revealed that Mitragynine appeared to develop analgesic tolerances much slower than morphine [1]. The study also showed limited physical dependence, constipation, and respiratory depression. Kratom is still unregulated at the federal level, but five states have bans on the substance, according to the American Kratom Association, a group that advocates for kratom access in the U.S. It’s not the first time that authorities have seized kratom, which is considered a “drug of concern” by the Food and Drug Administration.

Is Kratom an Opioid?

Sometimes, people who use opioids replace the drug with kratom in an effort to lower their opioid use and relieve withdrawal. There are also alternative remedies to ease symptoms, such as pain, or to help someone relax. However, studies researching their effects may be limited or inconclusive. Natural herbal remedies that someone could investigate for pain include Boswellia serrataandcannabidiol (CBD) oil. Remedies for relaxation include valerian, lemon balm, and lavender. A person with symptoms of depression or anxiety may benefit from antidepressant medication or psychological therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

Although uncommon, it’s possible to overdose from taking too much kratom. In most cases, people fully recover from liver damage after they stop using kratom. People living in areas where kratom grows sometimes use it to treat diarrhea, pain, cough, and fatigue. Most treatment facilities offer therapy and counseling as a treatment option for Kratom addiction. Just like every other substance use disorder, Kratom misuse can be dangerous. Other forms include crushed or powdered dried leaves, paste-like extracts, or capsules filled with kratom.

Kratom Products Can Kill You, FDA Says

There are also numerous natural pain relievers that people could try. However, doctors do not recommend their use in people with moderate to severe pain. Kratom can be a dangerous drug if people do not use it correctly.